Primal Mission

To provide a crypto currency aided and backed by global community.

Make available a blockchain that delegates (decentralise and distribute) finance and lifestyle.

Render services and create products relevant to daily financial lifestyle activities Giving cross-border solutions that bridges continental trade & transaction hassle.

Build a marketplace, hub and grounds for global relations, interactions and communications

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Multi Chain

Ready features of various block-chains for easy and quick access to any blockchain;


Up to 1 billion transactions per second. confirmations are within 15 seconds

Cross Chain

Instant transactions, swap and conversion of multi-currencies within Primal chain

Token Sale

Primal powers the inclusive global market using peer-to-peer system and build a blockchain that provides the platform to transact, interact, operate and manage financial, lifestyle affairsand a platform to transact, interact, operate and manage financial and lifestyle affairs.


Oct 1, 2021

Number of tokens for sale

5,000,000 PRM


Aug 31, 2022 (or when the allotment is closed)

Token Sale rate

Net Price 0.3 PUSD to 0.6 PUSD

Currencies Accepted

TRX (TRC-20) / BNB (BEP-20/BSC)

Minimal transaction amount


** PUSD is the stable currency pegged to 1 USD and Primal USD is backed by USDT and BUSD

Primal Allocation

Funds Allocation

Our Roadmap

Q-2, 2021


Sept, 2021

Sale Starts

Q-4, 2021


Q-1, 2022

Centralised Exchange

Q-4, 2022

Testnet Launch

Q-1, 2023

Mainnet Launch

Q-2, 2023

Transition from Token to Coin

Q-3, 2023

Decentralized Exchange

2023 - 2025

D-OS, D-Apps, D-Social, D-Ads, D-Games , D-OTC

Powered by a team

We have an innovative and novel team that creates propellous for the beauty of blockchain.

Opeyemi Adebayo
MD & Lead Blockchain
Rakesh Ramesh
COO & Sr Software Engineer
Wisdom Tega
CCO & Business Developer

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